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The Latest in Pot News & HappeningsLegalization & Decriminalization

LEGALIZE: Saturday Night Live celebrates NYC’s new decriminalization laws…

by Adam Keen…   We Like Funny…and we like common sense and personal Liberty even more…Murica!      

LEGALIZE IT :: The “Fuck it, I quit” reporter explains her actions + Pot-Smoking Moms Unapologetic About Getting High

by Adam Keen…   You probably saw the viral video around facebook and youtube of the reporter quitting her job

LEGALIZE IT :: Everything going on Pot

by Adam Keen…   I realized that the news in the Pot industry is moving too fast and there is

6 months in and legal pot in Colorado shows positive signs

by Adam Keen…   Despite all the prophecies of chaos, crime and drug abuse going up Colorado seems to be

Legalize: Update on East Coast States

A recent article from yahoo news outlines the efforts by States in the East to legalize medical and/or recreational use

LEGALIZE: Updates on everything going on Marijuana….

Included in the article “Legalized Marijuana is on Fire” from is an update on just about everything that’s been

Legalize: Is it time for the U.S. to decriminalize recreational use of Marijuana?

That is the question posed in a recent yahoo news article. The article is based on recent Nov 5th voter

LEGALIZE: Marijuana is safer than alcohol

Here is a simply laid out article (from highlighting the ever obvious notion that alcohol is far more dangerous

TAKE ACTION: Legalize: The ‘1st’ commercialized Commercial for the legalization of Marijuana + info on…

a bit from on the video: “NASCAR fans attending the 2013 Brickyard 400 races are being greeted by this