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INTERVIEW + OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO :: “Auto Odium” from Atlanta band The Killakee House

by Adam Keen…   The Interview: BA: Who is in the band and what do you play? How do you

FREE DOWNLOAD :: Rough Dreams EP from TN band Rough Dreams :: playing a house show in Kennesaw on 8/21/21 + Official Music Video

by Adam Keen… I really dig this EP released in 2019. I love the raspy aspect to the singer’s vocals

OFFICIAL VIDEO + STREAM The debut self titled album from VA band Illiterate Light

By Adam Keen…photos courtesy of facebook…article originally posted in March 2020… Wow! … am I glad I came across this

Official Music Video from Atlanta band Ghosthead – “Crow”

by Adam Keen…photos courtesy of facebook… I’ve been listening to a ton of 90s alternative lately and can’t help but

Shaky Knees Music Festival 2021 & 2022 dates announced!

by Adam Keen… You gotta dig these new cool weather festival dates. See you this October! Stay Tuned for the

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Sixteen Bullets – “Rock the Clock” + info on an upcoming house show

by Adam Keen… Another hard hitting video from Atlanta’s Sixteen Bullets. Sixteen Bullets on Facebook Sixteen Bullets on Instagram Sixteen